Maine Coon Kitten for sale

Fox Hollow Maine Coon Cats

Epic kittens that are hand-raised with our family on our farm - we specialize in BIG European kittens with BIG personalities!


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Huge Maine Coon Cat - Sansa
Image by Nessereddine OUCHENE


My name is Autumn and I have been breeding Maine Coon kittens for over 15 years now. Please only contact me about my kittens AFTER you have read the FAQ section on the KITTENS page and have researched me as a breeder.  I have Tik Tok, IG, and Facebook that you can check out too. Thanks! 

Typically we have kittens in the fall, summer, and spring and always expect an array of color including classic tabby, silver tabby, black, gray, blue, red, red and white, black and white, blue and white, chocolate, agouti, silver shaded (white), chinchilla, calico, and patch tabby. Our kittens are hand-raised on our farm and we have spent 15 years crafting the most dynamic Maine Coons!  Please note that the average house cat weighs 7-10 pounds so we call ours EXTRA LARGE because they will weigh between 12-24 pounds depending on sex, exercise, and what you feed them. We specialize in smoke and polydactyl deluxe Maine Coon kittens and we do require spaying/neutering of all kittens. We do not have an "adoption" process nor do we require you to fill out unnecessary applications or questionnaires. If you want one of our amazing kittens just text me @ 206-383-4420. Thanks! Autumn

maine coon kittens for sale
maine coon kitten calico
Red Maine Coon Kitten
Maine Coon Kittens for sale

Fox Hollow Farm

In 2008, our family purchased 22 acres in Issaquah, Wa and started an equestrian facility and family farm. We have lived there for the past 14 years and have shared incredible memories with all of the families who visited. Currently, the farm is pending for sale, and we have moved our cats to our farm in Phoenix, Arizona. We are happy to meet you at a pick-up point with the kitten or deliver the kitten with our Nanny to your closest airport, so give us a call if you want to own one of our magnificent kittens!

WATCH OUT  for fake Maine Coon breeders who post pictures of kittens for sale on their websites. Typically, they won't provide a picture of themselves, a phone number, or allow live video calls to see the kittens (because the kittens don't exist!). Many of these fake websites show kittens for low prices of $700-$1000 per kitten too, and any quality MC kitten will definitely cost double to triple that price because we invest upwards to $12,000 per stud when importing them from Europe! It is YOUR responsibility to do your homework and make sure that you are buying from a reputable breeder so please google my farm (Fox Hollow Farm) and you will find hundreds of pictures of me hosting events, showcasing my Maine Coon cats, and training my macaws!