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FAQ's - All of your questions answered!

Maine Coon Kittens


Who are you and how do I know that you're real?

My name is Autumn Ridnell. I am a very transparent person who is present on social media with countless articles written about me and my previous farm Fox Hollow Farm (Issaquah, WA). PLEASE do your research by googling me so that you feel comfortable with me as a breeder and seller of AMAZING Maine Coon kittens! I have been doing this for almost 17 years now and LOVE sharing these kittens with others. Please review our home page for more info and to see photos of myself and my adult daughter, Kyra, who has moved here as well and we bought a large property near Phoenix to continue raising our Maine Coon kittens together.

What are your Maine Coons cats like? What makes them special?

Currently, we are focusing on breeding from our large, deluxe European lines and are phasing out the American lines (which can be found at our OK sister location). If you don't currently see what you're looking for right now, we typically have kittens in the fall, summer, and spring and always expect an array of color including classic tabby, silver tabby, black, gray, blue, red, red and white, black and white, blue and white, agouti, silver shaded (white), chinchilla, calico, and patch tabby. Our kittens are hand-raised by our family and we have spent 15 years crafting the most dynamic Maine Coons! We specialize in smoke and polydactyl deluxe Maine Coon kittens. The European lines produce gorgeous babies that are large to extra large and will have long lynx tips on their ears, full manes, luxurious coats, and very fluffy tails! Some will be polydactyl (or even DOUBLE POLYDACTYL) and most will have the "wilder" look with boxy muzzles and tufts of fur between their toes. We charge between $3000-$5000 for the classic colors and $4000-$6000 for the highly desirable black silver shaded, black smoke, agouti, and chinchilla. Our Maine Coon kittens are priced differently depending on many variables such as size, bloodline, rarity of color, coat, extra toes, and other physical attributes. Our kittens are very well socialized and litter box trained.


How do I purchase a kitten, do you offer payment plans, and do you offer refunds?

When we have kittens available to the public, (see here), they will be listed under the name of the Queen along with their price and description. Please text Kyra at 480-395-1170 with a screenshot of the kitten you want to buy and then make your payment through her. All payments are final. As soon as you pay for your kitten, it is marked as sold and we begin planning for the take-home day! Please read through our transportation section below if you are interested in having us bring your kitten to you. Our Zelle account is:

GOLD MEMBERSHIP: If you are a serious buyer who wants a personalized experience and/or a very specific kitten, we encourage you to become a Gold Member. Consider this our VIP list. It grants you the perk of seeing exclusive videos and picking from litters before they are posted online to the general public.

A $1,000 (non-refundable) down-payment is required which will be applied to the kitten(s) you choose. This Gold Member status does not expire, so you may wait as long as you wish. We only allow 30 people to be on our list at one time, and operate in chronological order. Since we have clients who are looking for all types of kittens, being near the end of the list does not mean you will be the last to choose a kitten. 

The Process: Once you join, we create a profile that includes everything you're looking for in a Maine Coon. Sex, color, parents, disposition, general size are all things we take into consideration when helping you find your perfect companion. You will be notified when your turn to choose a kitten is coming up. Regardless, you will get to enjoy video updates of our litters as they grow, which will show you how our kittens develop. When it is you turn to choose your kitten, we will send you videos of each litter starting on the day they are born, then at 1, 2, 3, and 4 weeks of age. By week 4, you will receive individual videos/photos of each available kitten along with its price. This is when the buying process begins. Kittens may go home at about 10 weeks old after they have seen our vet.

To become a Gold Member simply text us, "I want to be a Gold Member". You will chat with Kyra to share what you want in a kitten, then send your $1,000 down payment through Zelle to The remaining and final balance will be due when you choose your kitten. (Please note again that ALL payments are NON-REFUNDABLE).

We offer the following transportation options:

1 - Pick up in Mesa, Arizona or at the Phoenix International Airport (no additional cost).

2- VIP Nanny Delivery to the following direct-flight major international airports:

(if your local major airport isn't listed, let us know and we can see what the best option is)




Dallas, Houston, Austin, El Paso


Los Angeles, San Francisco,

San Diego, Orange County


Las Vegas









Salt Lake City







Chicago (ORD)













3 - For all airports that would require more than one flight to get to, you will need to contact a professional pet nanny service and arrange transportation, OR, we can meet you halfway.

We fly with United, Delta, Southwest, Alaska, and American Airlines.

PLEASE NOTE: We fly with the kitten at our seat and the price includes the kitten's ticket. We will care for your baby the entire trip and meet you in baggage claim to hand him/her off. Please bring your own carrier for the kitten and be on time so that we can catch our flight home! We require a minimum 90 minute layover at the airport we meet you at. This gives us wiggle room if delays occur and grants us enough time to meet you at baggage claim and make it back through the terminal to our flight home. Flight schedules giving us less than a 90 minute layover will not be considered for booking. Flight schedules giving us more than a 3 hour layover (which is uncommon) will be subject to an additional $100 charge to compensate our time. We schedule flights that depart starting at or later than 8am. Weekend flights are subject to an additional cost due to typical price influxes; we will always coordinate with you prior to booking to ensure we provide the best service for you!

Transportation that requires an overnight hotel stay starts at $1,300.

You may hire your own pet nanny to retrieve your kitten from us if you wish. Please understand that Luxe Kittens is not liable or responsible for any incidents that may occur with a third-party nanny once the kitten leaves our home.

**a missed return flight due to client tardiness will result in additional charges** 

How old is my kitten when it can come home and will it be potty trained?

Your kitten will be ready to go home with you around 10 weeks of age. They will be trained to use a litter box, both with sand and pellet litter. 

Will my kitten be vaccinated? Wormed? Spayed or neutered? What do you offer for a health guarantee? Do you offer breeding rights?


Our kittens will be seen by our vet in Arizona prior to going home with you. Their health will be confirmed with an exam and their first round of vaccines will be administered. Each kitten is given a de-wormer, Panacur, for 5 days prior to leaving our home to ensure there is NO Giardia, Hookworms, Whipworms, or Roundworms. We guarantee that your kitten leaves our home disease-free; all of our studs and queens have been tested negative for FIV (immunodeficiency virus) and FELV (leukemia virus) and other genetic diseases such as PKDEF/PKD/SMA/HCM. Should a fatal medical condition arise within the fist six months of life (that we determine existed when the kitten was born), we will offer a replacement kitten, but we DO NOT offer any refunds. ALL pet kittens are required to be spayed or neutered by the age of 6 months old and we require that you send us documentation of the procedure from your vet's office. (A contract agreeing to this will be signed upon your purchase of a kitten). Please contact us if you are interested in breeding rights and we will check the availability of kittens that come with breeding rights. Breeding quality kittens are much more rare and have very specific qualities so they only become available once or twice a year.


How big will my kitten get? Will it have a huge mane, long lynx tips, and a bushy tail?

We have a good idea of how a kitten will turn out based on past breeding pairs, but we cannot know with 100% certainty how a kitten will look by three to four years of age when a Maine Coon has reached its fully grown size. Each kitten is unique and it is beyond our abilities to know which exact traits will be passed on from the mom and dad to each litter. The overall size/weight especially depends on what your kitten is fed throughout its life, the type of exercise it receives, and keep in mind that fixed cats will typically grow larger. Our females will typically weigh 12-16 pounds and the males 16-24 pounds.

What is included in my purchase of the kitten? Is there a contract or application?


We do not require any applications to purchase a kitten from us. We are trusting that you will choose wisely when bringing a kitten into your home and make sure your family and other pets are ready for this new addition. The only paperwork required will be a document detailing the financial agreement, our health guarantee, and that you agree that you are buying a "pet" kitten with no breeding rights. You will also provide us a copy of your driver's license, your home address, and contact information. We love building relationships with our clients and watching our kittens grow up through photos & videos. Please note that we do not offer papers with your kitten as they are considered "pet" quality and we do not breed for show. Our Queens/Kings (and/or grandparents) are papered.

Can I visit the kittens prior to purchasing one?


We receive daily inquiries from people wanting to come see kittens. Please understand that we could never keep up with the demand of wanting to have in-home visits. For those of you who wish to meet the kittens more personally, we are happy to FaceTime or send over multiple videos prior to you choosing your little darling. We understand weariness with the rise in scammers lately so we want you to feel comfortable with us.

What do you feed your cats/kittens? What kitty litter do you use?

We start all kittens on Royal Canin Mamma and Baby Cat kibble. This food is great from 6 weeks-3 months of age. For kitten kibble, we recommend the bags from either Tiki Cat or Orijen as they have higher protein contents and less fillers than many commercial brands.

Our favorite brands of the raw food for the adults are:

1. Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Sea-Licious Salmon & Cod Dinner Morsels Cat Food

2. Primal Freeze Dried Cat Food - Rabbit Formula

Our Maine Coons also love:

1. Tiki Cat Canned Food - Salmon Consomme and Sea Bass Consomme

2. Weruva "Paw Lickin' Chicken"

3. Weruva "Amazon Livin'" with Chicken

4. Smalls Human Grade Cat Food (subscription based)


After 4-6 months of age, your kitten is ready to be introduced to adult foods (namely kibbles and freeze dried). We feed all of our cats a combination of the raw & canned food listed above and Orijen Six Fish dry cat kibble. Take some time experimenting with flavors and textures your cat prefers. We like to offer our cats a variety of meals and treats because who wants to eat the SAME thing every day for every meal? New foods & tastes keep things fresh and exciting for your kitty. You can also incorporate slow feeding mats and treat puzzles for your kitty to enjoy.

Note: Maine Coons REQUIRE 30% protein content in their diet. This will nourish their growing bodies and help them mature into their full size potential.  

For litter, we have tried almost every brand out there but we 100% love Purina Tidy Cats Litter Pellets, BREEZE (comes with its own box & tray system, and for sand litter, we love Dr. Elsey's Ultra Litter. Both are used by our cats and kittens and can be found on Amazon. 

Once I purchase my kitten can you send me videos and photos weekly? What should I expect?

We love to send videos and pictures to show updates on your baby's growth! You can expect new photos/videos every 2 weeks after your purchase ~ Typically on the weekends! Please respect our routine and understand we are very busy and cannot accommodate daily requests for photos/ videos.

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