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Our big Moms

Majesty is a large tabby female with beautiful lynx tips and contrasting swirls of black and brown in her luxurious coat. She has a very loving personality and gets along with everyone.

maine coon cat

The Fierce Queen

Sansa is a very dominant Silver Smoke Tabby female with a commanding presence and high intelligence. She has a dynamic coat, piercing green eyes, and is one of our largest queens.

Maine Coon Cat - Sansa

Bellatrix is a demure Black Smoke female with remarkable yellow eyes!  She is confident, clever, and sociable. Bella trills frequently and is very vocal!


Sahara is a vibrant red and white Maine Coon and has an outgoing and energetic personality. She has swirls of white all throughout her amazing red coat.


Arya is a Silver Smoke Maine Coon and one of our largest females. She has a very pleasant personality and gets along with everyone. Arya's dense coat is sublime with multiple layers of color and she has extreme lynx tips plus a huge bushy tail!

Maine Coon Cat Silver Smoke

Elsa is one of our youngest queens but she is already a very large silver shaded female with a bright white undercoat and green eyes! Elsa is quite dominant!

Maine coon cat silver smoke

Octavia is a large Patch Tabby  with incredible green eyes, long body, and beautiful silky coat. She has a friendly disposition and is very vocal!

maine coon cat tabby

Mochi is a gorgeous red Maine Coon with a white underbelly. She is very curious and outgoing, not to mention vocal! Mochi has large litters typically of 6-8 kittens!

Maine coon red orange

Meera is a Calico Maine Coon with an incredible mane, vibrant colors, dark stripes, and she resembles a torbie. Meera is very sweet,  seeks companionship, and is exceedingly loyal.

Maine Coon Cat

The Entertainer

Maximus is a very large tabby Maine Coon with an incredible muzzle, extreme lynx tips, and a dynamic, bold pattern throughout his coat. He is very energetic, vocal, outgoing, and sweet!

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Our big Dads

The Chief 

Khal is a very large and vibrant orange Maine Coon with a huge masculine muzzle, extreme lynx tips, and bushy tail. He tends to be the leader of the group and is very kind. 

Khal - Maine Coon

The Charmer

Silver has it all! An incredible coat,  mane, extreme lynx tips, and a huge bushy tail. Silver radiates affection and prefers to be wherever we are as he is highly sociable.

Silver Maine Coon

NeverWinter The Adventurer 

NeverWinter is a dominant stud with a very athletic build. He has fabulously huge ears with lynx tips, a very boxy muzzle, and long plushy tail! The POLYDACTYL paws on this boy are fabulous and if you like white on a cat then his babies will have it! NeverWinter is only a year old and his first round of babies have been exceptional!

Maine Coon Cat Bi-Color Huge Male

Targaryen The Prince

Aka "John Snow" is our newest upcoming stud. He arrived from Poland in June and will be producing offspring in June of 2023. Targaryen is a "chinchilla" silver smoke male with exceptional markings, lynx tips, and loving  personality!

Maine Coon Kitten for sale