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Meet Osha's Kittens!

If you see a kitten you want to purchase please text Kyra at 480-395-1170. If you are a GOLD MEMBER, you will have first choice of the kittens before anyone else. We require all new owners to review & sign a contract regarding our policy, health guarantee, and timeline for you to spay/neuter your kitten. Please note that kitten prices may change as the kittens grow and are evaluated. Please read the FAQ section so that you understand all of our policies. Thanks!


Osha + Baratheon
Fall 2023 born 10/22

Maine Coon Kitten

Male - "Flame Point" - 2.5 wks old


Maine Coon Kitten

Female - Dilute Calico - 2.5 wks old


Maine Coon Kitten

Male - Blue Smoke Polydactyl - 2.5 wks 


Coming Soon

Male / Female

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